Ambitious Academy

Chris Leong Chee Wei

Head of Creative Media Department / Lecturer

Job Summary

To deliver lectures to undergraduate students and to provide and plan the academic and personal development of students. To prepare examination papers and administer, supervise and carry out assessment or examinations as required by the Academy. To conduct curriculum development and develop course materials for specific courses and engage in research and development work for the purposes of advancement of teaching and learning in areas consistent with the vision and mission of the Academy. To take part and assist in training courses to upgrade skills.

Education Background

2010 – Pass UEC
2013 – Graduated Advance Diploma in Jewellery Design at Raffles College
2014 – Graduated Degree of Bachelor of Design at Raffles College
2018 – Graduated in Diploma in Advertising Design at Kolej Universiti Selatan
2018 – Graduated in Diploma Programme in 3D Animation at City of Oxford College